ISO 9001:2015

ISO 14001:2015




IRAP RMS — integrated modular system for modeling, analysis and support of 3D target live simulation geological and technological reservoir models.

Tempest — integrated software package for generation and support of 3D live simulation reservoir models.

Compass - software package for directional well path planning, directional survey data management and analysis of well path collision.

Wellplan - complete set of tools for planning, designing and modeling downhole operations.



ИНТЕГРАЛ - software package for the protection of the environment.



РизЭкс2 - The research program complex simulations of accidents and risk assessment.


CREDO - a set of software products to provide automated data processing of geodetic, surveying works, engineering surveys, prepare data for various geographic information systems, building engineering and the use of digital terrain models.



GeoOffice Solver, ВИДГИС - software system for GIS collecting, processing and interpretation.



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