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Our projects

Exploration of oil and gas deposits, structure Central (the Caspian Sea).

Mining allotment for the Caspian oil field development (the Republic of Kalmykia).

Iki Burulsky gas field reserves estimation (the Republic of Kalmykia).

Malishevsky oil field reserves estimation (the Volgograd Region).

Neftegorsky oil field reserves estimation (the Krasnodar Region).

Detail Design for construction of Dolansko-Erdnievskaya well No.1 of 6500 m. deep (the Republic of Kalmykia).

Engineering design for absorption wells construction for OPF industrial waste waters disposal (Sakhalin Island).

Detail Design for construction of exploration and appraisal well No. 10 at Avilovsk area of 5085 m. deep (the Volgograd Region).

Geological subsoil survey in order to dispose OPF industrial wastewaters (Sakhalin Island).

Groundwater reserves estimation for Frolovo Regional Gas Pipelines Operations Department (the Volgograd Region).

Grounwater monitoring at Frolovo Oil and Gas Production Department (the Volgograd Region).

Water intake sanitary protection zones of “Grachi” (the Volgograd Region).

Bairskoe oil field development plan (the Republic of Kalmykia).

Malyshevskoe oil field development plan (the Astrakhan Region).

Further development of Iki-Burilskoe gas field (the Republic of Kalmykia).

Field supervision during Veselevskoe oil field development (the Kaliningrad Region).

Detail Design for construction of exploration well No. 305 at Shady Dengizkulskoe field (the Republic Uzbekistan).

Group Detail Design for construction of production wells at Koviktinskoe gas-and-condensate field (the Irkutsk Region).

Feasibility study of investment into development of Shagyrly-Shomyshty gas field (the Republic of Kazakhstan).

Work design for construction of Sulama-1Ex exploration well (Republic of Uzbekistan, Aral Sea region).

Project documentation for group of wells construction at Yuri Korchagin field (Caspian Sea).


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