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Geology Department

Aleksey N. Perin


Head of Department, Laboratory head

tel. 8-8442-55-16-63


> Development projects of search and exploration of oil and gas.

> Creating databases of geological and field information.

> Geological supervising the construction of wells for oil and gas.

> Research core and sludge oil and gas wells.

> Review of reports on geological studies.



Laboratory studies of core samples

Lithologic and stratigraphic analysis:

Petrographic study of rocks, reservoirs, and cap rocks

Biostratigraphic study

Stratigraphic layering and correlation

Biolithofacies analysis


Petrophysical analysis:

Porosity and permeability

Physical properties of rocks (comparable to GIS data)

Relative permeability

Study of voids structure

Physical and mechanical properties of rocks

Study of a process fluid influence on rocks



Oil and Gas Fields Development and Reserves Estimation Department

Maxim V. Bobrov


Head of Department

tel. 8-8442-55-16-61


> Creating a topographic survey and tectonic maps.

> Processing and interpretation of logging data using VidGIS programs, Geo Office Solver, building petrophysical relationships, as well as the development of GIS processing techniques.

> Audit inventory. Examination of geological and design materials, evaluation of the quality and reliability.

> Calculation of oil and gas reserves. Creating a digital geological models of deposits using Irap RMS complex firm ROXAR;

> Preparation of project technical documents on the development of fields:

   - projects trial operation;

   - technological schemes of development and additions to them;

   - the development of projects and additions to them;

   - technological schemes of pilot projects in some areas and deposits;

   - supervision of the implementation of technological schemes, development projects and additions to them.


> Feasibility study of oil recovery factor, gas condensate.

> Preparation of explanatory documents on substantiation of changes (translation) of hydrocarbon reserves.

> Feasibility study for investment in the development of hydrocarbon fields.

> Develop and update digital filtration (hydrodynamic) models using complex Tempest-More firms ROXAR.


Drilling and Well Construction Development Department

Dmitry V. Simonov


Head of Department

tel. 8-8442-55-16-64

Development of design and estimate documentation for construction of

parametric, prospecting and appraisal, exploration, producing, injection and other oil, gas (as well as under conditions of H2S and flow rocks presence), bishofite, water wells, wells for industrial wastewater disposal and wells at underground gas storage facilities.

Development of sections “List of environment protection measures”, “Engineering and technical measures for civil defence and emergencies prevention”, “Environment impact assessment”, “Waste generation and disposal targets”, “Maximum permissible emission” that are the part of offshore well construction documentation.

Development of designs for well abandonment, suspension, re-entry and


Methodological support and designer’s supervision during work at the well site.

Supervision over gas and oil wells construction.

Supervision over well construction work. Issuing tenders for equipment and materials procurement. Selection of contracting organization.

Examination of project documentation and technical equipment used at a

hazardous industrial facility.

Development of mining plans.

Development of process regulations.

Laboratory analysis of cement slurry and drill mud.

Drilling Fluid and Grouting Mortar Laboratory

Aleksandr K. Hacidi


Head of the Laboratory

tel. 8-8442-55-16-85 (int. 1814)

> Scientific and methodological support and designer supervision over drilling fluid condition during well works.

> Development and testing of drilling fluid formulations for specific geological and technical conditions.

> Quality control of chemical reagents and materials used to prepare drilling fluids.

> Development and selection of cement slurry formulations that meet specific geological conditions, for well cementing and cement plugs setting.

> Development and testing of the most effective formulations of spacer fluids.

> Cement stone properties determination, cement quality control.


Studies are conducted in accordance with state standards and procedures, internationally accepted methods and tests (API standard, ISO).


Engineering Surveys

Stanislav U. Usachev


Head of Department

tel. 8-8442-55-16-85 (int. 1700)

Sergey V. German


Deputy Head of Department

tel. 8-8442-55-16-85 (int. 1704)

Engineering survey:


Search and analysis of available archival materials research and studies.

Study and aerial photography and processing of satellite data.

Reconnaissance terrain with visual study of the site.

Drilling work and analysis of the core samples.


Geological studies in hydrology (check availability and characteristics of the groundwater analysis hydrogeological characteristics of soil and aquifers).

Field work with the study of soil layers (static probing study of the properties of the soil basis).

Geotechnical investigations and work with the support of the construction.

Monitoring the structure of the geological environment.

Laboratory study of materials collected soil and water from underground and surface water sources.

A study of soil samples from the bottom of the foundation constructed buildings and structures.

Geological conditions and the forecast changes in the environment.

Computer data processing engineering-geological surveys and preparation of technical documentation for the project.

Passage of expertise and coordination in public services.

Creation of surveying reference networks of any complexity.

Development and approval of projects on surveying work.

Development of annual plans for surveying and topographic-geodetic works and realization of these plans.

Preparation of surveying data for Mining development plan.

Performance of topographical, engineering-geological, engineering-environmental, and engineering-hydrometeorological surveys.

Preparation of mining lease projects and acts for all types of mineral deposits.

Observation of mining lease status.

Creation and updating of engineering topographic plans in 1:10 000-1:500 scales.



Development of projects on geological study of subsurface in order to abstract underground water for purposes unrelated to mineral production.

Development of projects on zones of sanitary protection and programs of groundwater monitoring.

Estimation of groundwater reserves.

Working out ground water deposits development plans.

Development of projects on wastewater disposal into deep horizons.

Development of projects on well construction for portable and non-portable water supply.

Testing of water wells with subsequent interpretation of test results and creation of Report.




Laboratory studies of the properties of soils

Alexandra V. Kalmykova


Head of the Laboratory

tel. 8-8442-55-16-85 (int. 1706)


Determining the name of soils, their composition, condition in a natural occurrence, as well as the behavior of the base of buildings and structures on the basis of the study the following soil properties:


  > Humidity.

  > Density by cutting ring and by waxing.

  > Size distribution of the soil areometrik method and pipette.

  > Permeability sandy soil.

  > Angle of repose.

  > Bulk density in loose and dense state for sandy soils.

  > Soil moisture on the borders of fluidity and rolling.

  > The density of soil particles pycnometric method.

  > The content of organic substances.

  > Leisure swelling.

  > Specific electrical resistance of the soil (soil corrosiveness in relation to steel).

  > Deformation and strength characteristics of the soil by odnoploskostnaya cut.

  > Strength and deformability of the soil of the compression ratio.


Research samples are conducted in accordance with state standards, building codes and regulations.





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