ISO 9001:2015

ISO 14001:2015




Scientific research in the sphere of geology and oil and gas fields development, drilling and well test technique and procedures , oil and gas production, environmental protection.

Development of the process design documentation for search, exploration and development of oil, gas, gas and condensate, geothermal fields, underground gas storage, industrial wastewaters landfill.

Evaluation of oil and gas bearing capacity potential and estimation of hydrocarbons reserves. Preparation of technical and commercial proposals to participate in tenders for the right to use a subsoil area.

Preparation of Feasibility Study, assessment of investment decisions efficiency in oil and gas industry.

Scientific and methodological support and field supervision in the course of geological exploration activities, wells construction, oil and gas fields development.

Expert review of designs, detail design and detailed engineering documentation, individual engineering solutions for oil and gas industry facilities.

Environmental monitoring and analysis of state of environment, development of hazardous substances emissions rates projects and environmental management.

Development of the process design documentation for construction of parametric, wildcat, exploration, production, injection and other wells for oil, gas (including fields with H2S or flowing rock formation), bischofite, water, industrial wastewaters re-injection, as well as for underground gas storage..

Development of regulatory documents for Fuel and Energy Complex.

> Implementation of geodetic, engineering-geological, engineering, environmental, engineering and meteorological research.

> The lithologic and stratigraphic and petrophysical study of the core oil and gas wells.

> Laboratory studies of soil properties.




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